Let's learn Grammar

Good afternoon our dear readers. Welcome to our ''let's learn Grammar@'' section.
Today, we shall be learning little greetings and response.

Greetings:          How do you do? 
Incorrect:            Fine/ I am doing fine 

Correct:                How do you do? 
Explanation:      You repeat the greetings in response.
                             You say it as if the ‘you’ is silent – ‘how do – do?

Greetings:          Thank you for your care
Incorrect:            Not to mention/Don’t mention/It’s my pleasure.
Correct:                Not to worry/ you are welcome/ It is a pleasure

Greetings:          I wish you Merry Christmas
Incorrect:            Same to you/I wish you the same
Correct:                And the same to you.
Explanation:      ‘And the same to you’ is the standard English

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