Agric Science Students tour ABUAD

According to a report by the coordinating teacher, Mr. G.I Ogunwale, "It was a very exciting moment for our students who visited the famous Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD) purposely for a field trip. Being the first outing, it was educative because with all reality, things that they have not seen before or probably heard from the teaching made by the Agricultural science Teacher. We took off around 10 a.m. for the exciting trip. The students were accompanied by four teachers, Mrs. Oloruntola (H.O.D Science and Mathematics Department), Mr. Ogunwale, G.I., Mr. Ojo Leo and Mr. Oladimeji,T, T. We arrived at Afe Babalola University farm and the School registered at the gate (by Mr. Ogunwale, G.I). We were allowed in and we alighted from our buses.    An attendant welcomed us and promised us an interesting visit.

 Firstly, we visited the fishery unit where we saw many ponds, some were earthen and some were concrete. The attendant we met there told us that ABUAD fish farm is the largest in West Africa. They have ponds eighty seven in number and the breed fishes themselves. Cat fishes and Tilapia fishes are the major types of ABUAD fish in ABUAD farm and they major earthen pond among others because of its economical purpose. We proceeded by going into fishery store where harvested fishes are smoked, packed and sold. The attendant showed us a gas machine, electrical powered machine and charcoal machine for smoking fishes and we enjoyed our stay in the fish processing unit.

   Also, we visited the ABUAD feed mill where feeds for poultry birds and fishes are produced. They make all kind of feeds for livestock. For poultry birds, they produce feeds for chicks, growers, layers, broilers. The attendant also explained the processes of making fish feeds, both the sinking and floating feeds and the students were given to observe.

   Furthermore, we visited the Moringa Factory where different products like Moringa capsule, soap, powder, seed, hair cream, seed oil, tea, body cream e.t.c. are made and we were told about the economic and health importance of moringa products. We left there and we visited the Mango factory where mango juice is made. The attendant explained the processes. He said after the mangoes are collected, they are washed, shelled, pasteurized at 90 0C  to remove microorganism, mixed with water and it is processed through the machines.

  Moreso, we visited the Mushroom factory where materials like sawdust, woodshave, lime and water are used. The substrate is bagged, pasteurized, innoculated, cover and placed in the darkroom where it is left there for ramification. The attendant told us about the benefit such as regulation of weigh, curing of diabetics and ulcer. We also learnt that it is cholesterols free.  We visited other places like the poultry farm where we saw fowls, turkeys, guinea fowls and so on. We visited the piggery and the snailery.

   In conclusion, we enjoyed our visit to the ABUAD farm because we saw many things and learnt many lessons and also explained to those who do not know ABUAD Farm. DSS students had a fantastic trip".

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