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Dear Parents/ Guardian.

I appreciate God for His faithfulness over us all . I would like to appreciate you for your support to the school over the years. 

As you know, there are concerns and questions of how schools plan to reopen on the 4th August ,2020. While in the business of educating, our first priority is the safety of our students and staff. Be assured, we have been working diligently in ensuring safety. However, we must be proactive and be prepared for these challenging situation.

We would continue as normal with enhanced safety procedures in place such as increased hand washing, physical distancing, limited visitations to school by parents, etc in order to prevent community transmission.

As we continue the planning process,  we will keep you updated on essential things that the students are to bring to school.

. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to do what is best for all our students and staff at this time.

 We are also encouraging our esteemed parents to put all hands on deck too for our smooth resumption.

The pandemic has thrusted on us " a new normal" where the way we did and viewed things now require some adjust

Therefore, as we are looking forward to resumption; we call for more stringent measures to improve personal hygiene among the students and staff when they resume.

EXTREMLY IMPORTANT: Please do not let your child or children return to school if they have any flu-like symptoms, this includes coughing, fever, shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches, pains, etc. They are to be cleared by a medical doctor before returning to the school. 

Furthermore, please ensure that your child have at least *five (5) face masks, a face shield when school resumes as well as two (2) 100ml bottles of hand sanitiser for personal use*.

*Parents are to ensure that each student have all their personal belongings without depending on others. Plates, spoons ,cups , undies etc*

All items will be checked at the school gate. 

We encourage parents to ensure that all financial obligations to the school are met as *No debtor* will be allowed. The policy of *NO FEE NO ENTRY WILL BE FULLY ACTIVATED on resumption*


                                                                                      Thank you, stay safe!


Guidelines for resumption

* If your child is unwell for any reason,they MUST NOT come to school. Please keep them at home for observation or see a doctor

*Please monitor your child's health regularly. If your child has a temperature of 37.3•C they cannot go to school

*All students walking to school,  brought by a private car , or bike etc, will have their temperature taken at the gate. Any student with a temperature of 37.3C will not be allowed into the school compound.

*Parents will not be allowed to enter the school compound and must drop off and pick up their ward at the gate.

* But on essential visits, parents MUST adhere strictly to our rules.

*The school will provide essential washing kits.

* The school has been disinfected and this will be done regularly.

*Our sickbay will remain open 24/7  and will treat common ailments in accordance with normal school procedure.

*The wearing of face mask& face shield at all times is compulsory within the school.

The Followings are the School

Account Numbers:


* Tuition (Sterling Bank): 0071484164

* Feeding (WEMA Bank): 0122052671

* Utility (Sterling): 0070773337

*PTA (Heritage Bank) : 1908946817

* Bus Levy (Heritage  Bank): 1908946635

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