Hostels and Sport


The school runs an excellent Boarding House system for students with well ventilated Hostel rooms. Accommodation runs under a conducive and serene environment.
The students are under the care and supervision of House Masters and House Mistress who resides within the school compound.

           The boarding system provides a good opportunity to bring up students with strong moral values and discipline. The boarding house system was also established to mold students character and instil in them the ability of concentrating on ones studies which provide the inculcating habit or reading culture into them thus preparing them in laying solid foundation for their university education and subsequent success in life.       

           It also provides a healthy communities life where children of various ages and backgrounds interact with one another and make lifelong friends  

           Mr. Akinweye O. I        House Master 1     
      Mr. Adedapo M. S        House Master 2

           Miss. Makinde L. O   House Mistress 1

       Mrs.  Nyalas O. B      House Mistress 2


         Sports are one unifying global factor bringing people together without discrimination on the basis of race, sex or nationality. It has also for a very long time moved away from the phenomena recreational and leisure past time. It has penetrated out of extracurricular activities to gain recognition as core curriculum subjects in our schools today.

        Sports are an institutionalized social aspect of the society and it is related to many social systems including education. Sporting activities are essential ingredients for physical, social and mental growth of the sports and games. As we use to say that “all work and no play make jack a dull boy”. Physically activities stimulate mental dexterity and healthy body contributes to healthy mind which make a healthy life.
Demonstration Secondary School, is known as Best in all ramifications such as education, sports, moral discipline to mention just but few. The school has participated in many competitive sports activities and has won trophies and laurels in different categories both at State and National level. Recently the school represented Ekiti State in under 15 handball competition at Osogbo in Osun state.

The school organizes her Inter house Athletics competition every two years tag Bi-ennial Inter-house Athletics Competition to allow students to showcase their talents in the area of interested sport.