G and C Unit

The Guidance and Counselling unit of the College of Education Demonstration Secondary School is a very important unit in the schools.

Guidance and Counselling is the process by which students are given advice on how to deal with emotional conflicts and personal problems both in school and how to incorporate the same in their daily life.

Some sessions involve career guidance where students are advised on which courses to do and which jobs to expect when one does a particular course.

The Unit is headed by Two able personnel:

1. School Principal, Dr (Mrs) Olayinka Ojo. 

2. School Counselor, Mr. Ebenezer Ogungbemi. B.Ed (Guidance and Counselling)

The following are some of the benefits of guidance and counseling unit:

1. Students are given solutions on how to deal with psychological problems which might affect their studies. Through this, the students are able to develop problem solving skills which to an extent helps them deal with particular issues surrounding their lives.

2. Students are advised on how to cope with different situations facing them in their school life. For instance, on how to relate with their peers.

3. It helps to shape a student's behavior and instill discipline in students. Students who are guided and counselled in a right way tend to know what to do and how to do such things.

4. Students get to learn how to live in harmony with others in the school community. In so doing, they also learn to appreciate the people around them and come to harmony with their environment.

5. It bridges the gap between the students and the school administration, since they can channel their problems through guidance and counseling office.

6. Students get comprehensive pieces of advice on careers, courses and jobs which enables them to have an informed choice on what to do after school.

7. It allows students to talk about various things which they feel uncomfortable talking about with their parents which include things like drug abuse. It also allows the students to become better people because they are taught by the counselors about how to behave in a proper manner.

8. It enables students undergoing difficulty in their lives have a good place to ask for questions and clarity from the guiding and counseling office. There are some questions that one may find difficult to ask even his/her parents. One can ask any question without fear because the persons in charge are very willing to help.

Counselors in our School are typically licensed, experienced, professional in their area of specializations, and are always willing to help anytime the need arise.